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A Positive Plan?

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I regularly write about how many people start the new year with a set of new goals, or resolutions. By the end of March many of these goals are a dim and distant memory.

The reason for this is that January is often not a very positive time of year. With its dark days and long nights, contrasting with the gaiety surrounding Christmas, January can also be the darkest month of the year physiologically. Not the time to create new plans and start to change your outlook.

Three months on it’s a completely different story.

The clocks have just changed so we have longer evenings. The sun is shining, the buds are appearing and the world seems fresh and new.

What a fab time to be thinking about the future.

In my opinion creative juices flow better when we have the opportunity to get out of our offices and enjoy the sunshine. We are more positive and open to opportunity. We are less likely to dismiss ideas out of hand or procrastinate.

Others must be thinking this too as over the last month or so four owners have come to me for assistance in putting together plans for their businesses. One is for a completely new business, but the other three are established businesses looking for a change in direction.

So if you need to change your business plan or set goals for yourself and your business, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT!

Fiona 🙂

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