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We know that you are working hard with your clients to build-up the assets that they have acquired, providing for their families now and hopefully the future generations.

Unfortunately without the correct planning in place these hard earned assets, such as their house, cash and business, may not end up going to those that they intended.

Outside interference such as court rulings, divorce, HMRC or bankruptcy could decide how and where their assets are managed, disposed of, or disbursed, and all without their next of kin’s consent.

Don’t rely on anyone but yourself and Family Assets Protection to ensure you are in control.

Straight forward and effective planning strategies

Family Assets Protection provide straight forward, bespoke but effective planning strategies
starting with ensuring all of your clients have lasting powers of attorneys and a current Will in place, irrespective of age or value of their estate.

Within these essential planning strategies we can then look at asset protection, bloodline planning, trusts, business succession, probate and pension trust planning.

Most accountants provide their clients with the means to build up their wealth. Working alongside Family Assets Protection you will be able to provide your clients with a complete unique estate planning service.

Initially we would like to meet with you and discuss all of the services we can provide for your clients and add real value to your practice whilst enhancing existing client relationships.

We have started to work with some of your members and they are finding that the services that we offer adds value and satisfies the need for “duty of care”.

Please visit our website for more information and then contact us to arrange a one to one meeting with one of our friendly and professional consultants.


Bev Fumagalli
Business Co-ordinator
t: 0845 4569941


Sally Dew
Estate Planning Consultant and Pensions Specialist
m: 07966 239767

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