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Did you know that there are tens of thousands of UK businesses currently missing out on generous tax relief? The UK Government’s Research and Development (R&D) Tax Relief schemes allow companies to claim substantial tax benefits against expenditure on qualifying projects. However, too many businesses still aren’t maximising their claim because they don’t realise their projects could be eligible, the scheme’s complexity is off-putting or they don’t realise how generous it is.

Alma Consulting Group successfully works in-house with clients and in partnership with accountancy practices to provide a specialised R&D service that every firm financially benefits from. Their team of dual-qualified tax and technical experts often find that what non-specialists consider to be day-to-day business challenges could in fact be eligible for a significant tax benefit. Alma CG’s strong track record of uplifting clients’ previous claims by between 30 and 300%, including those previously undertaken in-house, by an accountant or even through a Big Four firm, is proof of the value of working directly with an R&D tax specialist.

Having claimed over £95million of tax relief for their UK clients to date and with a 100% success rate, it couldn’t be easier to achieve a tangible benefit for your business or clients, with no upfront cost. Supporting businesses of all sizes, their clients include names such as Stanley Black & Decker Innovations, Sir Robert McAlpine and Hitachi Capital UK.

Could Alma CG help you or your clients to claim R&D tax relief? Call 020 30 58 58 00 or email, quoting ‘Business Accountant 2015’, to book a free no-obligation consultation or to discuss partnership opportunities.

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