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Business Accountant has secured an exclusive partnership with Angels Den. 

With over 6,000 investors, Angels Den has already been successfully matching entrepreneurs and investors for the past six years. They have a great track record of successfully funding growing businesses through their unique SpeedFunding and Angel Club events and now offer entrepreneurs and business owners the opportunity to pitch online via their crowdfunding platform.

Angels Den only want to bring their investors the best deals so they spend quality time with each entrepreneur, pre-screening and giving feedback on their business. Those businesses that aren’t quite ready for funding will now be sent to a centralised booking line at Business Accountant. Tel 023 8064 3763.

CIMA Members in Practice will provide consultancy in order to assist businesses to present their funding and investment opportunities to Angels Den through its regional offices.

When CIMA MiPs feel they have a business that may be ready for funding, they can now pass these deals onto Piers Lawford at Angels Den.


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