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RTI Payroll Year End

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RTI Payroll Year End

Payroll year end under RTI should now be a much more straightforward affair than in pre-RTI times. Our suggested procedure is as follows.

1. Last FPS submission will be the last payment date (not necessarily payroll date) on or before 05-Apr-14: for monthly paid this will normally be payroll for the month of Mar-14, but for weekly paid it may be less clear.

If for example your pay week ends on a Friday and is paid Wednesday the following week then week ending Friday 28-Mar-14 will be paid Wednesday 02-Apr-14, and this will be your last payroll for 2013-14 tax year; the week ending Friday 04-Apr-14 will be paid on Wednesday 09-Apr-14 which is in 2014-15 tax year (CAERP: users should check the Company Settings ‘Tax & Payroll details’ tab).

2. Make sure you ‘tick the box’ (CAERP: “This is the final FPS submission of the tax year.“) to indicate that this is your last FPS submission for the tax year, and answer the additional questions.

3. If you have made no employee payments and do not therefore need to make a FPS submission then you will need to make an EPS submission as soon as possible after 05-Apr-14 (CAERP: users will find this at the bottom of the P32 report), and tick both the “No payments were made” box and the “This is the final EPS or FPS submission of the tax year.”

HMRC provide further guidance at

4. Run your P60 reports and forward to all the individuals who have been employed in the 2013-14 tax year.

5. Update the tax codes for those individuals where notices for 2014-15 have been received from HMRC.

6. Update ‘L’ tax codes by adding 56 so that for example ‘944L’ becomes ‘1000L’.

7. Remove any ‘Week 1’ or ‘Month 1’ indicators (CAERP: untick ‘Wk 1 Mth 1 Basis ‘ in employee records).

HMRC provide further guidance at

New for tax year 2014-15

8. From 06-Apr14 you will no longer be able to recover a proportion of SSP paid to employees and the NIC holiday arrangements will come to an end.

9. There is however a new employer’s national insurance ‘Employment Allowance’ whereby eligible employers can reduce their Employer Class 1 NICs bill by up to £2,000 per year. Employers who qualify should submit an EPS as soon as possible after 05-May-14 and tick the ‘Employment Allowance Indicator’ box.

HMRC provide further guidance at

10. Perhaps the biggest change for the new tax year is that HMRC will be taking a much harder line on late submission of FPS/ EPS returns with automatic penalties, so please be sure that you make a submission at least monthly, even if only a ‘nil’ EPS return.

Paul Driscoll is a Chartered Management Accountant, a director of Central Accounting Limited, Cura Business Consulting Limited, Hudman Limited, and AJ Tensile Fabrications Limited, and is a board level adviser to a variety of other businesses.

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