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Feed your innovative soul!

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I am getting very excited about going to the Entrepreneurs’ convention at the Birmingham International Convention centre next week.

I am going along primarily to support a client for whom it will be excellent but I cannot help thinking I will get a terrific amount out of it too.

The programme over the two days looks exhausting and very interesting. As well as covering areas I am pretty comfortable with I am sure I will be taken well out of my comfort zone as well.

I think this is really important!

As business people we cannot afford to get stuck in a rut. We need to continue to be innovative if we want our businesses to be successful in the future – the only way to be innovative is to keep the inquisitive and inquiring sides of our brains exercised.

Meeting new and interesting people can also trigger leaps in creativity. Just talking to successful people can lead us to reach for goals we previously thought were unobtainable – because if they can do it why can’t I?

This is why I think training whether it is in the form of attending conventions and conferences such as the one above, or individual seminars and workshops; reading books or magazine articles; or just taking note of the things around us that we can emulate, is vital to any business owner.

The cost to your business could be the couple of hundred pounds it costs to do the training, or the thousands of pounds it could cost your business because you DON’T do it!

Fiona 🙂

Fiona Bevan Financial Management

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