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9 steps to a perfect Xero implementation

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  1. Discuss the requirements with the client and then document the project plan to deliver in the time-frame and budget. Understand which team members are accountable for what deliverables.
  2. Define the chart of accounts and tracking codes so that the right level of analysis can be obtained for tax, accounting and management control purposes.
  3. Ensure that the final trial balance from the legacy system is accurate and balances before you load into Xero. Get all the invoices that make up the accounts receivable and accounts payable balances and load them into Xero via invoice import.
  4. Get bank feeds working for all bank accounts – don’t import CSV file bank statements – this is where productivity is improved.
  5. Define your record keeping system – how do you find the payable invoice to match that in Xero – you can scan it and attach the image to the Xero transaction or keep a hardcopy or softcopy outside Xero. You want a system that is robust if it is inspected.
  6. Setup up your sales invoicing templates in word for invoices, statements and credit notes and upload into Xero. Use repeating invoices where possible to get the productivity. Set up inventory items for the things you sell and you can analyse volumes and margins by item for goods or services.
  7. Define when you will reconcile the bank statement – continuously, weekly etc. Setup bank rules to improve the speed and consistency of matching and coding. Understand the reconcile and cash coding screens. Understand how the reconciliation report works. Understand accounting transactions and how Xero presents a bank account.
  8. Decide if you need to use Accounts payable or can you code expenses after you have paid them.
  9. Review the report suite and get the reports you want into your favourites list.

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