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Promoting your accounting services online is easy with Bark

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The Internet can be a powerful tool for growing your business and getting new referrals. But, here at Bark, we believe most accountants could be marketing their services online far more effectively.


If you’ve spent any time looking into online marketing, you probably also know how inefficient it can be. Writing regular content for blogs or websites can be time consuming, while running PPC ads on search engines like Google is too expensive for most small businesses.


That’s where Bark comes in: we’re a more efficient way to promote your business online. Our team of expert marketers invests heavily in advertising campaigns to find you clients, and we shoulder all the associated risks, so you don’t have to.


In short, we take the hassle out of marketing your business – and, right now, we’d like to show you how you could start using us to contact potential clients today, completely free of charge:


Win more customers online without blogs, social media or expensive ad campaigns


We’re proud to be partnering with the Association of UK Accountants to help our clients find top quality, local financial advisors to help with their business needs.


“People turn to Bark every day to find pros to help them with everything from lawn mowing to legal representation,” says Bark cofounder Kai Feller. “We’re committed to finding the highest quality professionals for our users, and this new partnership will make it even easier for us to help entrepreneurs throughout the UK find quality business accountants.”


Our pros usually pay a small one-off fee to be introduced to each new potential customer. But, if you register within the next 14 days, we’ll make sure you can contact your first three potential clients on us.


We’ll email you whenever a someone requests accounting services in your area, so you can simply pick and choose the clients that are right for you.


Then, if the customer thinks you’re the right pro for them, they’ll respond to you directly and offer you the job – and everything you make from their business is yours to keep.


Over 50,000 small businesses are already using our service to find new customers online, and we hope this exclusive special offer will mean that you can join them.


But remember, we’re only running this introductory offer for the next 14 days – so if you’d like to claim your three complimentary introductions, you should do so right away using the link below.


Click here to start growing your business with Bark today.


If you have any further questions about how Bark works, or what we can do to help you grow your business, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us an email at

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