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Business Accountant Magazine Out Now!

Business Accountant Magazine is an online magazine published the Association of UK Accountants

It’s our second magazine, written by CIMA Members in Practice, the purpose of the magazine is show the wide range of skills our members have and provide useful advice to business owners and accountants.

The Association is a voluntary community interest company working with 350 CIMA practices, its not part of CIMA but supports CIMA members providing training and business opportunities.

If you have a business that would like to become a sponsor or referral partner please could me

If you are a CIMA MiP please join us we have generated lots of work for our members.

Business Accountant Magazine Launched


Starting a magazine is a big undertaking and the Association of UK Accountants CIC has been working on it for months. Its funded by Advertorials.

The Association is run by Volunteers, the Directors, Editor and Assistant Directors give their time for free, we work to help and support CIMA Members in Practice and the 6 monthly Magazine is designed to provide practical tips and advice written by CIMA Members in Practice to help those in practice with compliance and to widen their skills and knowledge.

Click on this link to read it

Special thanks go to our Editor Joy Quarrie for making the Magazine a reality.

CIMA MiPs are invited to join the Association for Free

Or we have a Premium Membership which has additional benefits

As a Community Interest Company run by Volunteers all the profits are use to create benefits and resources for CIMA MiPs.

If you have services you would like to advertise and promote to AUKA members please drop me an e mail

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