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Do you wish your accountant had an App?


According to a report by Distimo, an app market data and analytics company, there are now over 700,000 different applications available across both the Apple and Google platforms, and with the total market estimated to be worth around $22 billion we can safely assume that it’s a pretty huge market. It appears to be growing pretty quickly too, with the increasing adoption of tablets over traditional PCs, more and more users are getting their applications from app stores rather than traditional retailers.

SME’s everywhere are seeing the advantages……

But as with websites you need to give your clients a reason to keep coming back and using the App.

There are some pretty good Apps out there to help you with your record keeping and we blogged about them

So does your accountant have an App?

Less than 2% of Accountants have one!!!!!

In a recent AccountingWEB survey on average survey respondents said more than 80% of their customers use a smartphones or a tablet and almost
all expect this number to increase over the next 12 months.

What does your accountants App do? is it just tax tables and contact details?

Should they have an App which contains services, directions, calculators, dates which you can download to your diary….

Are Apps a waste of time?


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